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In 1995 The first production line of high purity nano alumina produced by the  alcohol solution in China is completed in our company.


In 1997 The company began to develop rubber accelerators, marking the entry into the rubber chemical industry.


In 1998 Through independent innovation, the company developed and put into production 8 new rubber accelerators in one year.


In 1999 Obtain the registered trademark right of the "UP&C" brand of the State Trademark Office.


In 2001 Through ISO9001 quality management system certification.


In 2004 A chemical enterprise authorized to have the right to import and export.


In 2004 The company is elected as the executive director of the Specialized Committee, China granule society, ultramicro particles.


In 2005 Through ISO14001 environmental management system authentication.


1n 2005 Zhejiang Science and Technology Department awarded to our company "Zhejiang high-tech enterprises".


In 2005 The invention of the patent "Tellurium Diethyl Dithiocarbamate" was authorized, and the company became the first enterprise to possess this production capacity of the product in China.


In 2006 The wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemical Co., Ltd. - Lianyungang Lian Lian Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.


In 2007 Safety - free nitro rubber promotes the development of TBzTD and ZBEC and has been successfully put into production.


In 2007 25000 ton/year rubber chemicals production line was completed.


In 2007 The company was elected by the rubber industry association: Deputy Director of the auxiliary Specialized Committee.


In 2007 The invention patent "energy saving lamp used sol-gel - gel -A12O3 protective film coating" was authorized.


In 2008 The invention patent "energy saving lamp used sol-gel - gel -A12O3 protective film coating preparation method" obtained authorization.


In 2008 The company has completed the national science and technology project support project, and has built a multi-ton high polymer carrier pre-dispersible rubber auxiliary demonstration production line.


In 2009 The company is the vice President of Chinese silicate society sol-gel branch.


In 2010 Construction of the second phase of project of factory.


In 2013 Zhejiang ultrafine powders & chemicals co., LTD. Was merged into lianyungang chemical co., LTD.


In 2013 Lianyungang chemical co., LTD., the R&d center is officially opened.


In 2013 Lianyungang chemicals co., ltd. was officially renamed as jiangsu lianlian chemical co., LTD.


In 2014 Jiangsu lianlian chemical co., LTD. Is officially listed in the national small and medium enterprise share transfer system (new third edition). and stock code is 831316.